Airsoft BB From Taiwan

Devotion To Airsoft

Thunderstone , Leading Airsoft BBs OEM manufacturer since 2006 ,dedicating to produce high quality well-designed BB to Airsoft users. Since the BB deeply affect the performance and functionality of the Airsoft gun, our products are manufactured on the leading quality, which are highly polished seamless surface and with the proper diameter and perfect sphericity to avoid getting bullets jammed or damaging the barrel. Feel free to contact :

Things I Can Do

Thunderstone Bio-BB is made up from 100% degradable NEW component (PLA). Therefore, the Bio-BB can be naturally discomposed within 360 days in prescribed temperature and humidity of weather and soil of environment (composting environment). Be green and devotion to eco-friendly. BB Diameter: 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm The Airsoft BB Spec.:0.2g ,0.25g ,0.28g, 0.3g ,BBs (Diameter 5.95+/- 0.01 mm) . Product : High-Pro / Bio-degradable / Tracer BBs .

A Few Accomplishments

*BIO-DEGRADABLE AIRSOFT BB * High precision , Seamless , Good surface , non-toxic formula. TUV ,Rohs & SGS Certificated Made of PLA (Starch-based Polymers resins and environment-friendly material) 100% Biodegradable in the compost environment. Available as 0.20g , 0.25g, 0.28g ,0.3g